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    Top ten attractions to visit in Moscow

    Kremlin Kremlin is the very heart of Moscow and probably the best place to start discovering the city. Being the actual birthplace of Moscow, Kremlin has the richest history, lots of stories to tell and a lot of beauty to…

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    Why Moscow

    Beautiful, controversial, enchanting and mysterious, ancient and fresh, Russian capital attracts tons of travelers and hardly leaves anyone indifferent. Why should you travel to Moscow? Here is a bunch of reasons. Rich history The history of Moscow is dating back…

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    Moscow in numbers and facts

    Area of Moscow is 2,511 km² (1,569.3 miles²). It is the biggest city in Europe, the 13th largest metro area, the 17th largest agglomeration, the 16th largest urban area, and the 9th largest within limits city worldwide. Moscow is Europe's largest city by number of residents. Its…

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